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Novidades Stand Up - 09-09-2020
Seção Artista Título Embalagem Tipo Reg  Preço 
Hard Byrds,The Ballad Of Easy Rider jap cd            140,00
Hard Eric Burdon And The Animals Wind Of Change/The Twain Shall Meet   2 cd's            125,00
Hard Fat Mattress II   cd              70,00
Hard Guess Who Live At The Paramount   cd              70,00
Hard Grateful Dead 1st digipack cd              80,00
Hard Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa digipack cd              80,00
Hard It's A Beautiful Day Same/Marrying Maiden   2 cd's            150,00
Hard Jefferson Starship Across The Sea Of Suns   2 cd's              55,00
Hard Los Dug Dug's Same min vin rep cd            120,00
Hard Los Dug Dug's Smog min vin rep cd            120,00
Hard Love Forever Changes   cd              85,00
Hard Mark Farner No Frills   cd              80,00
Hard November 6:e November   cd              80,00
Hard New Cactus Band, The Son Of Cactus   cd              80,00
Hard Pete Brown And His Battered Ornaments I Meat You Can Shake Hand With In The Dark   cd              70,00
Hard Poobah Let Me In   cd            105,00
Hard Spooky Tooth It's Al About digipack cd            100,00
Hard Tobruk same min vin rep cd            100,00
Jazz Allan Holdsworth None Too Soon digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Allan Holdsworth Hard Hat Area digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Allan Holdsworth Sand   cd              60,00
Jazz Barry Cleveland Hologramatron digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Benny Greb Moving Parts digipack cd            150,00
Jazz Billy Cobham Magic   cd            100,00
Jazz Billy Cobham Spectrum 40 Live Fora de Cat 2 cd's            230,00
Jazz Charles Mingus Mingus Ah Um/Mingus Dynasy digipack 2 cd's              50,00
Jazz Dewa Budjana Dewai In Paradise digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Dewa Budjana Joged Kahyangan digipack cd            100,00
Jazz George Duke/Billy Cobham Live On Tour In Europe   cd              97,00
Jazz Jeff Beck Live +   cd              25,00
Jazz John Machlaughlin The Heart Of Things digipack cd              70,00
Jazz John Machlaughlin Mahavishnu   cd              70,00
Jazz John Williams/John Entheridge Places Between   cd              60,00
Jazz Kazumi Watanabe Live At Iridium - Jap   cd            230,00
Jazz Mahavishnu Orchestra Lost Trident Sessions   cd              70,00
Jazz Marbin Breaking The Cycle digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Miles Davis Live In Concert   cd              30,00
Jazz Miles Davis In Europe   cd              30,00
Jazz Sh.Tg.N Same digipack cd            100,00
Jazz Santana/Buddy Mles Live!   cd              60,00
Jazz Soulive Up Here  digipack cd+dvd 0            90,00
Jazz Stanley Clarke/Chick Corea/Joe Henderson... The Griffith Park Collection Jap cd            120,00
Jazz Stanley Clarke Rock, Pebbles And Sand   cd              40,00
Jazz Steve Smith Vital Information Live! One Great Night digipack cd+dvd 0          120,00
Prog Astra The Black Chord   cd            100,00
Prog Diagonal The Scond Mechanism digipack cd            100,00
Prog Dusan Jectovic Am I Walking Wrong ? digipack cd              80,00
Prog If Waterfall digipack cd            110,00
Prog Iron Kim Style same digipack cd              80,00
Prog Genesis Trespass - Jap min vin rep cd            120,00
Prog Genesis Mama - jap min vin rep cd            120,00
Prog Gentle Giant King Of Twlight   2 cd's            110,00
Prog Gleemen Same   cd            100,00
Prog Guru Guru Same digipack cd              70,00
Prog Jethro Tull The Originals box 3 cd's            250,00
Prog Jethro Tull This Was - 40th annivesrsary digipack 2 cd's            150,00
Prog Jethro Tull Stand Up   cd              60,00
Prog Jethro Tull Too Old To Rock'n'Rol: Too Young To Die!   cd              60,00
Prog Jethro Tull Heavy Horses   cd              60,00
Prog King Crimson Lizard min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Island min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Earthbound min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Lark's Tongues In Aspic min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Starless And The Bible Black min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Red min vin rep cd              80,00
Prog King Crimson Discipline - Japan min vin rep cd            100,00
Prog Kraan Let It Out   cd              85,00
Prog Mahogany Frog DO5 digipack cd            100,00
Prog Mahogany Frog Senna digipack cd            100,00
Prog Nektar A Spoonful Of Time   cd            100,00
Prog Nucleus Elastic Rock - Limited 2500 copies - Fora de cat. min vin rep cd            160,00
Prog Out Of Focus Four Letter Monday Afternoon   2 cd's            160,00
Prog Perigeo Abbiamo Tutti Un Blues Da Piangere   cd              70,00
Prog Peter Banks  Two Sides Of   cd              70,00
Prog Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon   cd              25,00
Prog Popol Vuh 70s Pregressive digipack cd            107,00
Prog Popol Vuh Die Nacht Der Seele digipack cd            107,00
Prog Renaissance In The Land Of The Rising Sun - Live In Japan 2001   2 cd's            115,00
Prog Samurai Same   2 cd's            100,00
Prog Tau Ceti Meus Dois Mundos   cd              25,00
Prog Terreno Baldio Same Fora de cat. cd              50,00
Prog Yes Topographic Drama digipack 2 cd's              40,00
Rock Fantastic 4 - O.S.T Marco Beltrami & Philip Glass   cd            100,00
Rock AC/DC Live   digipack cd              20,00
Rock AC/DC Bonfire Box 5 cd's            500,00
Rock AC/DC Back In Black digipack cd              25,00
Rock AC/DC Fly On The Wall digipack cd              20,00
Rock AC/DC Flick Of The Switch digipack cd              20,00
Rock AC/DC The Razors Edge digipack cd              20,00
Rock AC/DC Ballbreaker digipack cd              20,00
Rock Aerosmith Pump + Permanent Vacation digipack 2 cd's              60,00
Rock Agonist, The Prisoners   cd              90,00
Rock Anthrax Among The Living   cd              80,00
Rock Beatles, The Magical Mistery Tour digipack cd              40,00
Rock Black Sabbath 13 - Capa Holografica digipack 2 cd's            100,00
Rock Black Sabbath The End   cd              50,00
Rock Creedence Clearwater Revial Cosmo's Factory digipack cd              60,00
Rock Coverdale/Pge Same   cd              65,00
Rock Curtis Mayfield Super Fly - Deluxe Ed. digipack 2 cd's            150,00
rock David Bowie Blackstar digipack cd              50,00
Rock Deep Purple Shades 1968-1998 box 4 cd's            450,00
Rock Epica The Holographic Principle -Ed. Especial-Fora de Cat. digipack 2 cd's            150,00
Rock Gary Glitter 20 Greatest Hits   cd            145,00
Rock Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction   cd              25,00
Rock Heart Dreamboat Annie   cd              90,00
Rock Heart Little Queen   cd              70,00
Rock Heart Fanatic Live  digipack cd+dvd 0          100,00
Rock Isaac Hayes Three Tough Guys + Truck Turner   2 cd's            120,00
Rock Iron Maiden Maiden Japan   cd              25,00
Rock Janis Joplin Pearl - Legacy Ed   2 cd's              55,00
Rock Johnny And Edgar Winter Together min vin rep cd              80,00
Rock Journey Next   cd              60,00
Rock Journey Look Into The Future   cd              60,00
Rock Journey Departure   cd              60,00
Rock Journey Infinity   cd              60,00
Rock Journey Evolution   cd              60,00
Rock Judas Priest Nostradamus   2 cd's              60,00
Rock Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence digipack cd              20,00
Rock Led Zeppelin How The West Was Won digipack 3 cd's              60,00
Rock Lucifer's Friend Live @ Sweden Rock 2015   cd              30,00
Rock Metallica Masters Of Puppets digipack cd              25,00
Rock Metallica Live Shit: Binge And Puge - Fora De Cat. box 3 cd's+2dvd's 1          600,00
Rock Pat Smith Easter   cd              60,00
Rock Prince Purple Rain   cd              70,00
Rock Primus Green Naugahyde digipack cd              98,00
Rock Queen On Air digipack 2 cd's              60,00
Rock Queen News Of The World min vin rep cd              60,00
Rock Queen Live Killers   2 cd's              30,00
Rock Steve Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life   2 cd's            110,00
Rock Sting Bring On The Night digipack 2 cd's+dvd 0            80,00
Rock Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes Loaded For Bear : Best Of   cd              70,00
Rock Van Halen The Studio Albuns -1978 - 1984 box 6 cd's            170,00
Rock Yngwie Malmsteen Inspiration   cd              25,00
Rock Whitesnake Love Hunter - rmst   cd              85,00
dvd Kiss Kissology Vol. 2 - Fora De Cat box 4 dvd's 4          150,00
sacd Art Davis A Time To Remembered   dvda             200,00
sacd Elis & Tom Same   dvda+cd            120,00
sacd Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun   dvda+cd            180,00
sacd Porcupine Tree The Incident - Fora De Catálogo   dvda            270,00
sacd Larry Coryell Organ Trio, The Impressions - Hibrido   sacd            150,00


R$ 100,00

Performing This Was
R$ 85,00

(2 CD's -Digipack)
R$ 30,00

R$ 20,00

Memories In Rock
Live In Germany
(2 CD's + DVD - Região 1)
R$ 170,00

Crossing The Tracks
R$ 90,00

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